Schulze 2011 Block Three and Vidal Blanc ice wine
Schulze 2011 Block Three and Vidal Blanc ice wine

Niagara County, NY – Schulze Vineyards and Winery of the Niagara Wine Trail has been awarded a double gold medal for the ice wines at the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition, and a gold at the 32nd Riverside International Wine Competition. The prestigious awards are a testament to the growing acclaim for ice wines produced on the America side of the Niagara region.

Approximately 2,000 wines are annually entered in the Tasters Guild Competition from over 15 countries and 30 states/provinces in the professionally conducted wine judging competition. Awards included a prestigious Double Gold award for Schulze’s 2011 Block Three Ice Wine. The gold and silver award-winning wines were an assortment of offerings including Vidal Blanc Ice Wine (Gold Medal), and Siegfried, Chardonnay Oaked and Cabernet Franc (Silver Medal). Tasters Guild judge Joe Hart noted the Block Tree Ice Wine had ” Classic Catawba character with superb acid to balance the sweetness.” The 2011 Block Three Ice Wine was also awarded with a gold medal at the Riverside Competition and the Vidal Blanc Ice wine took silver.

Awards won may be viewed on the Niagara Wine Trail website. Comprehensive lists of the winners may be found for the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition and Riverside International Wine Competition.


Elizabeth Maute
Niagara Wine Trail Coordinator