Midnight Run Wine Cellars paired their wines during Harvest Festival this year with a delicious recipe for Antipasta Bites. A recipe for how they made these great little bites is below. Yum!

First, slice French Bread thin on the diagonal, then lightly brush with olive oil and bake for just few minutes to warm them up.

Combine some goat cheese and olive oil so it can be easily spread and place on each slice of warmed bread. Add a baby spinach leaf on top.

Make a mixture consisting of: sun-dried tomatoes,red onion, garlic, salt, crushed red pepper, and Italian seasoning (to taste). The mixture is combined in a food processor and pulsate (to make into a spread). (Ahead of time we actually dried our own homegrown roma tomatoes for the recipe served during the wine trail event.)

Spread this mixture on top of the spinach leaf using a teaspoon (only a small amount is needed).
On a toothpick,  assemble some Salami, Cheese, Banana peppers and a green Olive. Or, you can use your favorite Antipasta ingredients to customize your Bites! Pair with your favorite white or red wine.