Looking up and down the aisles at the store for wine can be confusing. So many choices!

We asked our member wineries for their suggestions on what you should be serving (or bringing with you) for Thanksgiving dinner. Or, maybe you have a few hard-to-please drinkers at your table? Good news! There are LOTS of options for every type of wine drinker!

  • Arrowhead Spring Vineyards: 2012 Pinot Noir
    mooth, dark cherry on the palate, aged one year in oak. ($17.95 per 750ml)
  • Long Cliff Vineyards & Winery: 2012 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
    Cool climate Sauv. Blanc is a bold enough white to stand up to a flavorful meat like Turkey, and the earthiness will nicely accompany vegetables and mashed potatoes! ($19.99 plus tax) *mention the blog post, and Long Cliff Winery will give you 15% off any purchases!**
  • Black Willow Winery: Semi-Dry Riesling 
    Aromas of honeycrisp apple and melon with soft fruit and well balanced acidity on the pallet. Pairs well with nutty cheese, poultry, white fish and Northern Italian dishes. (88pt rating)
  • Niagara Landing Wine Cellars: Cranberry Wine
    Semi-Sweet fruit with a smooth tart character.  ($9.99 per 750ml)
  • Midnight Run Wine Cellars: Dry Riesling, and “White Storm” (Riesling, Cayuga White blend)
    Riesling wines are a top pick white wine for pairing with Thanksgiving dinner. Riesling’s innate flavors of apple, apricot, honey and its clarifying acidity give it a significant pairing edge with the likes of sweet potatoes, turkey meat and spice-laden or herb-filled stuffing. (both bottles 750ml $18.50)
  • The Winery at Marjim Manor:  Adams’ Appleberry, Cranberry Crescendo, and Applegria
    Appleberry is a blend of Apple and Cranberry wines, has a rich and silky texture. Nicknamed Thanksgiving in a bottle, it is perfect with Turkey. Cranberry Crescendo is just like the cranberry sauce on your table, sweet but with a hint of tartness at the end. Applegria is a blend of Apple, Pear and Peach wines; starts with a buttery aroma and finishes with a soft, light spiciness. (all suggestions $13.95 per 750ml).
  • Schulze Vineyards & Winery: Unoaked Chardonnay
    A dry unoaked fruit forward wine, hinting flavors of green apple, citrus and white peach with a nice acidity and balance ($15.95 per 750ml).
  • Leonard Oakes Estate Winery: 2012 Traminette
    Pronounced aromatics of Lychee candies and green apple, underscored by subtle spice. A rich mid-palate leads to a beautifully crisp and vibrant finish. The subtle honeyed texture and elegant aromatics are elevated by the use of Icewine for sweetening back this unique wine ($12.95/bottle).
  • Flight of Five Winery: Canawler Chardonnay
    Named for those who dug the Erie Canal. An un-oaked chardonnay offering rich ripe flavors of apples & pears with a butter cream finish.  Soft, elegant and perfect for your turkey traditions ($12.95/bottle).
  • Vizcarra Vineyards: Spiced Apple, Apple Cranny and Perfect Plum.
    All three of these wines can be warmed and mulled to help keep warm this winter season. All you have to do is warm (don’t boil) with a packet of mulling spice a stick of cinnamon and sugar to taste!
    Spiced apple is a semi sweet blend of Cortland, Macintosh, Macoun, Idared, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples. (R.S. 5% ABV 10%). Apple Cranny is a semi sweet wine made from a blend of sweet apples and tart cranberries. Perfect with roasted turkey. (R.S. 5% ABV 10%). Perfect Plum is semi sweet wine made from farm grown plums. (R.S. 4% ABV 11%)
  • Lake Ontario Winery: Cranberry wine, Reserve White or Black Pearl wine
  • Eveningside Vineyards: 2012 Pinot Noir
    Grown right in Niagara county. It’s light body and texture with a lot of forward fruit matches well with turkey and all the fixins ($19.95 per 750ml)
  • BlackBird Cider Works: Limited release Christmas Cider
    Delicately spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, this cider is the perfect pairing for all holiday gatherings (avail. at the cidery only).
  • Chateau Niagara Winery: Gerwürztraminer
    The light floral scent blends with the aromas of the Thanksgiving meal. The spice on the palate is a wonderful match. Many people consider it the classic Thanksgiving wine, often saying that it goes great with turkey, but a good spicy wine like this is really made for the spices in the stuffing.
  • A Gust of Sun Winery: Chardonnay, Dry or Semi-Dry Riesling, and “Three Westies White” or “Sweet Westies White” blends
    Oaky-buttery Chardonnay is a staple for pairing with white meats; smoked turkey is one of the best things it pairs with. If you’re looking for more fruit in the profile(apples, raisins, etc) then Dry or Semi-Dry Riesling and “Three Westies White” white blend is a great choice.  These also complement a herbaceous bread stuffing as well. For “Sweet Westies White” we include a spice packet and directions on how to turn this into a hot mulled wine. A great appetizer wine, people can ladle out a cup of this during family social time. It also pairs well with cinnamon squash and hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. After spicing the wine, if you let it cool it is also delicious ladled over the ice cream!
  • Schwenk Wine Cellars: Dry Gerwürztraminer and “Snowbird” red wine blend  
    “Snowbird” is a semi-sweet blend of Baco Noir, Concord and Real cranberries ($11.50 per 750ml). Gerwürztraminer $14.00 per 750ml).

For winery hours and contact information, visit the Niagara Wine Trail’s Winery pages.