Featured Winery:
Chateau Niagara Winery
Smell that?
No, it’s not wine – it’s herbs!
Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Oregano, and Savory to be exact 
You might notice walking through the property at Chateau Niagara there is more than just vines growing this year. Instead of fruit, you’ll find some rows of plants that are sure to be an accompaniment to your meal besides wine.
The field of herbs you’ll find is a new project started by owners, Jim and Kathy Baker, who are just as passionate about their food and they are about their wine.
The Lavender, shown above being harvested, is used for both its flower and scent as well as a culinary spice.
Herbs de Niagara 
Soon you will be able to purchase the special herbs at the winery, a blend being called Herbs de Niagara, that is sure to bring excellent flavor to your dishes.
A Locavore experience to be paired with Chateau Niagara wines!
And now, back to the wine. . . 
Besides new herbs, the winery is showing progress in their newly planted Cabernet Franc. The dry summer is great for established vines, but these young ones need to be watered closely.
The winery is also only one of three growers of the “Saperavi” grape in NY State.
New clusters (shown directly below the Cabernet Franc planting photo), show a lot of promise. The grape is a Georgian variety they will be harvesting this year. Look for this new grape to show up in the tasting room soon!